The Chronicles of His Plushiness, Richard III

Richard III. In plushie form. Cuteness ensues.

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To our dear followers,

His Plushiness and I apologise for the lack of updates on this blog as late - unfortunately I am in the midst of revision and exams so the next update may not be until later this month, or even June. Apologies once again for this, and we hope this finds you all well! :)

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imgladyourewithmesam asked: Are we going to see some pictures of His Plushiness celebrating Easter?

His Plushiness and I apologise not only for the lateness of this reply but the lack of updates to this blog in general of late - I was in a play and it took up a surprising amount of my time!
Fear not, I am sure I shall get a picture of His Plushiness with an Easter egg or two, and probably some other bits and bobs as well. :) Keep checking back here!